Purchase cialis How To Start A Blog

Purchase cialis In this blog post, purchase cialis I’m going to reveal exactly what you need and show you step by step how to start your own blog. Purchase cialis This is for many of you that have wrote in asking for more details on the basics of setting up a blog…

Purchase cialis You may be wondering – why should I setup a blog?

Purchase cialis For most it’s in order to start making money online and it’s a great way since you’re able to work from anywhere in the world and live the internet lifestyle without punching a time clock. Purchase cialis I’ve used blogs for years as part of my SEO campaigns.

Purchase cialis But regardless of what you’re looking for whether it’s to setup a company website, purchase cialis a personal blog, purchase cialis or setup an affiliate site – a blog is the way to go for simplicity.

Purchase cialis The fact is for many sites, purchase cialis blogs are the underlying infrastructure to their site even though it may not appear to be a blog.

Purchase cialis You have several choices – however, purchase cialis I’m going to make recommendations on what I’ve had the most success with.

Purchase cialis If you’re the type that prefer to watch a video, purchase cialis then watch the video here that shows you exactly what to do…

Purchase cialis For starters, purchase cialis you really need to buy your own domain name and have it hosted.

Purchase cialis There’s several free blog platforms out there – however you have little to no control.

Purchase cialis If you’re putting the time into writing great content and develop a following online, purchase cialis then you need to remain in full control. Purchase cialis And not be in jeopardy of losing your content if they shut their free service down or if they remove your blog for a complaint from competitors –

Purchase cialis And yes this happens.

Purchase cialis This way you’ll never be at the mercy of a 3rd party service.

Purchase cialis The good news – starting your own blog is very inexpensive.

Purchase cialis Step # 1 – First, purchase cialis you’ll need to get your own domain name.

I use Godaddy and Namecheap, purchase cialis but when you buy a domain, purchase cialis it will cost you roughly $10 per year.

Purchase cialis Now, purchase cialis really put some effort into picking the right domain – this can be focused around your keyword or it can be something brandable and reflect what your blog is going to be about. Purchase cialis For example, purchase cialis I named my blog Traffic Diesel because that’s where my focus is – generating massive traffic and the latest internet marketing strategies -mainly revolving around SEO and traffic.

Purchase cialis I’d also focus on getting a .com domain.

Purchase cialis Step # 2 – Purchase Web Hosting

Purchase cialis Now, purchase cialis that you’ve got your very own domain, purchase cialis you’ll need webhosting – this is simply what allows you to publish your blog for the world wide web to see. Purchase cialis I recommend getting Hostgator or A Small Orange – both are very inexpensive and very easy to use and the support is like none other.

Purchase cialis Another option is Bluehost which is inexpensive as well..

Purchase cialis Get a discount by entering coupon code – XXXXX

Purchase cialis You only need the XXXX PACKAGE to start off with.

Purchase cialis This is what I used to host hundreds of blogs with until the last year – when I outgrew it. Purchase cialis However this is more than enough to spend for your blog.

Purchase cialis When you buy your hosting, purchase cialis be sure to hang on to the emails they sent you because it will have your login info as well as other important information.

Purchase cialis Now that you’ve got your domain and your hosting, purchase cialis all you have to do now is point your domain to your hosting and let them match up. Purchase cialis It’s very easy to do.

Purchase cialis Step # 3 – Point Your Domain Nameservers to Your New Hosting Package

Purchase cialis Just go into your Godaddy Account and click on your domain name, purchase cialis then look for the Nameservers field – you will see something like this –

Purchase cialis godday_nameservers

Purchase cialis Open a new tab, purchase cialis and grab the emails from your new hosting company (Hostgator, purchase cialis A Small Orange or Bluehost) and you want to look for your nameservers.

Purchase cialis It should look something like this.

Purchase cialis nameserver

Purchase cialis Copy the NS1.whatevernameservernameis.com

Purchase cialis Select “I have specific nameservers for my domains.

Purchase cialis And then past that into the fields at Godaddy as shown below and click OK:

Purchase cialis setnameserver

Purchase cialis Step # 4 – Relax For a Bit…

Purchase cialis Now, purchase cialis step away, purchase cialis have a cup of coffee or your favorite brew for a couple of hours.

Purchase cialis When you come back, purchase cialis type in your domain name in the address bar and you will see that it looks something like this – white screen that says Index of/ .

Purchase cialis domain_ready

Purchase cialis We’re half way there my friend.

Purchase cialis Now, purchase cialis it’s time to publish your site to the world and that’s where we will use WordPress.

Purchase cialis WordPress is the most popular blog platform and it’s actually what we’re using here on the Traffic Diesel blog. Purchase cialis WordPress is an open source, purchase cialis Free software that runs on your site.

Purchase cialis Don’t get all bogged down with the technical side of things – just know that WordPress is the underlying infrastructure. Purchase cialis If it were a car – WordPress would be the engine.

Purchase cialis And it’s super easy to install so don’t be worried if you’re not the tech type.

Purchase cialis Step # 5 – Login To Your Cpanel Account

Purchase cialis Login to your Webhost Cpanel – that info was in your login from your hosting company.

Purchase cialis Typically its yourdomain.com/cpanel

Purchase cialis Once you login you’ll see something that looks like this –

Purchase cialis cpanel

Purchase cialis Next you will want to look for an icon that says Fantastico, purchase cialis Softaculous or a Site Software icon-

Purchase cialis They look something like this:

Purchase cialis softalicious

Purchase cialis fantastico

Purchase cialis Hosting companies typically use one of these. Purchase cialis They all work, purchase cialis so just pick the one you see and click the icon.

Purchase cialis Step # 6 Install WordPress

Purchase cialis And now we’re finally ready to install WordPress. Purchase cialis You will see an image that looks something like this after you click on Fantastico:

Purchase cialis fansastico_wordpress

Purchase cialis Click on WordPress like I have outlined above.

Purchase cialis Then Click on New Install –

Purchase cialis fansastico_wordpress_new_install

Purchase cialis Next, purchase cialis you will simply fill in the fields it asks for, purchase cialis then click install as shown in the pictures below

Purchase cialis start_blog_wordpress

Purchase cialis It’s all pretty self explanatory…

Purchase cialis If you plan to install on the root of your domain – www.yourdomain.com then simply leave the directory field blank.

Purchase cialis Next, purchase cialis on the admin field – do not use the word admin. Purchase cialis Use something else – it could be something related to your keyword or your brand. Purchase cialis If you use admin as your username – your making it easier for hackers to attack your site.

Purchase cialis Then set up your password – come up with something better than password or 1234. Purchase cialis I would advise to use a mixture of Capitals and numbers for your password to help prevent attacks on your site.

Purchase cialis The admin nickname and email is self explanatory.

Purchase cialis The Site Name and Description should be what your site is about – what your targeting. Purchase cialis Integrate your primary keywords into your title and description. Purchase cialis Note – the Site Title and Description can always be changed later…

Purchase cialis Hit Install WordPress and now your site is published!

Purchase cialis I’ll be adding some more posts about how to customize your site with the use of Themes and Plugins.

Purchase cialis If you’re not familiar – WordPress allows you to install Themes – these are what gives your site a certain look. Purchase cialis Again, purchase cialis if you think of a car – this is the exterior paint of the car. Purchase cialis I personally use a premium theme called Genesis from Studiopress. Purchase cialis I’ll be showing you why in some future trainings.

Purchase cialis And finally, purchase cialis plugins are gives your site certain unique functions – these are the features. Purchase cialis Again, purchase cialis if we’re using a car as an example, purchase cialis the plugins are the features – like heated seats, purchase cialis air conditioning, purchase cialis etc. Purchase cialis As a matter of fact, purchase cialis I’ve been the brains behind several popular plugins that are on the market and perhaps that’s how you found the blog here…

Purchase cialis Anyway, purchase cialis in closing, purchase cialis I’ll be showing more of these functions within WordPress. Purchase cialis I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial for starting your first blog.

Purchase cialis Let me know how it goes.
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Chapter 4 – The Stare Down
February 19, purchase cialis 2013

Purchase cialis Here’s the previous chapters in case you’ve missed out on any..

Purchase cialis Chapter 1 – All Alone

Purchase cialis Chapter 2 – Going Broke

Purchase cialis Chapter 3 – Dumb Idea

Purchase cialis Staring at any amount of debt is tough to do.

Purchase cialis It got to a point where I was so scared to even look at it – I had no idea how much we had!

Purchase cialis It’s a very scary feeling.

Purchase cialis One day, purchase cialis some guy sends me an email out of the blue wanting to connect because he’d seen my real estate book online and had read some of my blog.

Purchase cialis WTF?

Purchase cialis I really wasn’t accustomed to someone calling or emailing me out of the blue unless something was wrong – so I was a little freaked out.

Purchase cialis Call me weird…

Purchase cialis But after all, purchase cialis in the real estate business, purchase cialis some of the calls you get are from people facing foreclosure, purchase cialis divorce, purchase cialis or have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Purchase cialis Not your ideal calls.

Purchase cialis And that was the one thing I hated about buying and selling houses – sometimes I would get to emotionally involved.

Purchase cialis Anyway, purchase cialis back to the guy – we talked for a few minutes and he told me that I needed to get linked up with this Real Estate guy from this JV Site.

Purchase cialis He said it was several real estate investors doing some product launches and thought I would benefit from the connections.

Purchase cialis So I signed up and started watching some of the emails come through.

Purchase cialis That’s when I realized how “small” I was thinking with this Internet gig – these guys were knocking out some major coin.

Purchase cialis I’m talking KILLING IT!

Purchase cialis Here’s what would happen.

Purchase cialis First guy emails the group about launching his product.

Purchase cialis Everyone books it on their calendar to mail their email list all at the same time.

Purchase cialis Usually there’s 4-5 touches with pre-launch content to warm the list up to their particular strategy.

Purchase cialis So – its a full frontal attack from all the big dogs in the industry.

Purchase cialis They have prizes for the guys that sale the most.

Purchase cialis Then the next guy is in line to do their launch – and they repeat this process over and over again.

Purchase cialis Each time killing it – at the time generating high 6 figures – 7 figures in a 7-10 day time frame.

Purchase cialis So I decided to signup to promote the next launch.

Purchase cialis Didn’t expect anything at all – honestly.

Purchase cialis But I had built a list of about 5K people from my book sales, purchase cialis to optins over the previous couple of years.

Purchase cialis I began by mailing all the pre-launch content to my list.

Purchase cialis Also, purchase cialis I would watch all the videos and write a blog posts about each piece of the pre-launch content.

Purchase cialis On the day they launched the product, purchase cialis I started getting some unfamiliar emails with the subject line

Purchase cialis “Cha- Ching – you just made a sale”

Purchase cialis Now I loved getting these emails because that meant I had just made a commission – and a commission on a $2K priced product!

Purchase cialis At the end of the launch, purchase cialis they send out the leaderboard for all the jv’s.

Purchase cialis “Who The F!$K is Derek Pierce?”

Purchase cialis Was some of the responses..

Purchase cialis Because my name appeared right with some of the big dogs that I had respected the most – you know guys that had written best sellers, purchase cialis and guys that I listened to at a seminar.

Purchase cialis And my name was in the midst of these guys that were my idols.

Purchase cialis I had sold 5 – at $2K price points – so my commission was $5, purchase cialis000.00 and I got a cool prize – a MP3 player that my I gave to my little boy.

Purchase cialis So for the next couple of weeks-
I’m thinking I’m the shiznit.

Purchase cialis Even though my financial position wasn’t pretty – it was something positive and for everything going on – from my mound of debt to the family drama –

Purchase cialis I needed to focus on the positives!

Purchase cialis Next product launch – I was ready to roll.

Purchase cialis So I gear up and email my list all the pre-launch stuff and once the launch opens –

Purchase cialis No cha-ching messages come through.

Purchase cialis A week goes by and the launch closes – No cha – change emails.

Purchase cialis I was puzzled to say the least.

Purchase cialis Was it all luck? Did I really earn that much on the first launch? – these were all internal thoughts going on in my head at the time.

Purchase cialis So I began to study what I did differently in the first one and there was something drastically different –

Purchase cialis I didn’t make the blog posts.

Purchase cialis After doing some heavy digging into my email stats and my website stats – it was clear where the sales came from –

Purchase cialis They all came from my blog!

Purchase cialis I checked and I was ranking in the top spot for the name of the product along with several other buyer keywords.

Purchase cialis With everyone mailing for it – people were going to the web to dig for more information – and found my site and when they clicked through to buy – I was getting a commission.

Purchase cialis This was how I stumbled upon Search Engine Optimization.

Purchase cialis So, purchase cialis I began to test new stuff –

Purchase cialis I could make a blog post for any one of these guy’s names and would appear on the first page within a matter of hours!

Purchase cialis I had stumbled upon something big…

Purchase cialis This was before any course come out or anything like that on targeting launches – this all happened by mistake.

Purchase cialis So for the next launch – I was ready.

Purchase cialis I had even bought some new domains to test my method.

Purchase cialis And the messages started to roll in –

Purchase cialis “Cha-Ching, purchase cialis Cha- Ching, purchase cialis Cha- Ching”

Purchase cialis I made over $12, purchase cialis000 in commissions from that launch.

Purchase cialis I remember vividly, purchase cialis going out in the backyard with the missus and looking up at the stars and I actually cried because of seeing some form of success.

Purchase cialis But was it too late?

Purchase cialis In the past it seemed ever step forward I took, purchase cialis I was taking two steps back.

Purchase cialis I was buried with the $100, purchase cialis000 in credit card debt and the family drama I was going through made the debt look like a walk in the park.

Purchase cialis How the F@$K will I ever get out of this?

Purchase cialis I’m going to hold a special webinar to show you how I did just that, purchase cialis paid off all my vehicles and was able to build the house of my dreams…

Purchase cialis Go here to to register –

Purchase cialis http://www.trafficdiesel.com/go/liveworkshop/

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Chapter 3 – The Dumb Idea
February 18, purchase cialis 2013

Purchase cialis If you’ve missed one of the first chapters, purchase cialis you can catch up here

Purchase cialis Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Purchase cialis I’ve never really told any of this stuff publicly because it’s extremely humiliating…

Purchase cialis The missus was not happy about me putting more on the credit card.

Purchase cialis And I felt so beat up – like a total failure chasing nothing more than a pipe dream..

Purchase cialis I clearly remember the day I put up the auction – it was a duplex that needed a lot of work.

Purchase cialis I was doing something pretty unique – I had set the price of the house, purchase cialis and was letting the people actually bid on the down payment.

Purchase cialis The opening bid was $1.

Purchase cialis The reason I did this was to attract as many people as possible and hoping it would result in a bidding war.

Purchase cialis I kept refreshing the page to see the amount of hits and to see if we had any bids…

Purchase cialis Within a couple of hours I had a bidder for the buck… (Woo Hoo)

Purchase cialis Of course I still wasn’t sold because – it was only a buck and the auction was a week from being over and I knew I couldn’t celebrate until I had money in hand..

Purchase cialis Before the end of the day – the bid had jumped to over $300

Purchase cialis Every day that week I would wake up checking the auction and go to bed checking the auction.

Purchase cialis I’d check it out multiple times a day –

Purchase cialis All because I was struggling to make ends meet and just hoping and praying that this would all pan out.

Purchase cialis Finally the last day of the auction was here – I was more excited than a kid on Christmas Eve…

Purchase cialis The bid had skyrocketed to over $3K dollars and had over 7, purchase cialis000 hits with over 150 people following the auction.

Purchase cialis The Dumb I Idea wasn’t feeling so dumb at this point.

Purchase cialis My wife sat in my lap at the computer – while continuously refreshing the page the last hour 30 seconds, purchase cialis 10 seconds, purchase cialis 5, purchase cialis4, purchase cialis3, purchase cialis2, purchase cialis1

Purchase cialis I gazed at the computer in complete disbelief –

Purchase cialis the auction was finally over and I had just seen the price go from $1K to $3K to over $7, purchase cialis000 when the auction finally closed!

Purchase cialis The price doubled in the final hour.

Purchase cialis So here’s how it would play out.

Purchase cialis The buyer now owed me the $7K and some change due within 7 days and they had to pay the remaining $45K in payments which would be enough to cover our monthly mortgage payment.

Purchase cialis My wife hugged me and I couldn’t stop smiling – I had that feeling of victory all over again.

Purchase cialis I collected the $7K just before my payment to the mortgage company was late (literally it arrived 5 days before it was default.)

Purchase cialis Once that deal was done, purchase cialis I started putting these houses up one by one, purchase cialis selling them off.

Purchase cialis Each time, purchase cialis I was pulling in $3K or more as down payments.

Purchase cialis This “dumb idea” literally kept me from going bankrupt and put me back in the game…

Purchase cialis This proved 2 things to me..

Purchase cialis 1. Purchase cialis What I thought was a dumb idea – turned out to be the best idea yet, purchase cialis one that was about to open so many doors. Purchase cialis Now I’m less to judge before I test.

Purchase cialis 2. Purchase cialis I knew if I could sell a bunch of dumpy house on ebay from Florence, purchase cialis Alabama, purchase cialis then I had to shift gears into the online world and focus more on my blog and books.

Purchase cialis But somewhere along the way of buying and selling houses like a madman, purchase cialis I ran across a deal that seemed just to good to pass on – it was a failing local business.

Purchase cialis And since I knew nothing about the business, purchase cialis I thought I could turn it all around.

Purchase cialis And luckily we did. Purchase cialis

Purchase cialis Within 120 days that business was running, purchase cialis bringing in a nice cash flow every month that was paying for itself plus putting a little cash flow in our pocket.

Purchase cialis Even though the cash flow was fair at the time – it still needed investments in inventory, purchase cialis paying off old debts, purchase cialis and regular maintenance because it was full of more drama than TNT had to offer.

Purchase cialis And I hated every minute I spent there.

Purchase cialis In the meantime, purchase cialis my blog had also started getting some love from the “Big G” aka Google.

Purchase cialis There’s a big problem though – I’m now staring at…
over $100, purchase cialis000 in credit card debt alone

Purchase cialis It was from having to keep the 10 houses afloat, purchase cialis ordering inventory for the new business, purchase cialis and all the fixup costs from the real estate.

Purchase cialis Plus, purchase cialis I was going through some of the biggest family chaos that would literally shake us to the core!

Purchase cialis Watch for tomorrow’s email / blog post titled – The Stare Down.

Purchase cialis In the meantime – what’s the most credit card debt you’ve personally had?
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Chapter 2 – Going Broke
February 18, purchase cialis 2013

Purchase cialis In case you didn’t see chapter 1, purchase cialis then go here to read the beginning of the story.

Purchase cialis I was rolling and on a high – I was living my dream free from Corporate America…

Purchase cialis And of course along the way – I would face several obstacles.

Purchase cialis But I really wasn’t prepared for them to come so soon-

Purchase cialis My first real challenge involved getting denied by 3 banks within a month after quitting my job.

Purchase cialis It’s kind of hard to buy houses without a bank backing you or so I thought.

Purchase cialis See it was right after the 9/11 attacks and now many of the banks were taking part in a lending freeze until they saw what was happening in the marketplace – especially for real estate investments.

Purchase cialis It was really weird because I had more money in the bank, purchase cialis perfect credit and the deals were really solid.

Purchase cialis But – it had nothing to do with me though…

Purchase cialis The financial markets were completely upside down, purchase cialis so I had to find more creative ways to do deals.

Purchase cialis And that is what I did – I started focusing on how to get into deals with little to no money and said “screw the banks”.

Purchase cialis And I got damn good at it.

Purchase cialis As a matter of fact, purchase cialis it got easier to buy a house using these techniques than it ever was going to the bank…

Purchase cialis As time rolled on, purchase cialis even the missus was able to quit her dreaded job.

Purchase cialis That was one of the happiest days –

Purchase cialis Knowing my wife was able to quit and stay home with out little boy..

Purchase cialis I felt I had actually accomplished something when she finally quit – she was now a believer and my confidence was super high.

Purchase cialis So, purchase cialis I began a real estate blog and wrote a ebook about my experiences in an effort to try make a few hundred bucks a month.

Purchase cialis I didn’t really think of the site as being a big money maker initially and really had no idea what I was doing.

Purchase cialis Just took some action and began to get some optins and making a few sales along the way – nothing real big but making a few hundred dollars to a thousand a month from my book and my blog…

Purchase cialis However, purchase cialis several months later my real estate business began to really struggle as the local economy was going down the tubes and it was sinking fast.

Purchase cialis All the jobs were shipping out.

Purchase cialis “800 Jobs Lost, purchase cialis 250 Jobs Gone” was a regular on the front page of the newspaper.

Purchase cialis At this point I had somewhere around 15 houses I had accumulated…

Purchase cialis And 10 of ‘em were vacant which means I was having to shell out monthly payments on 10 empty houses along with fixups on the ones that I was in the middle of trying to sell.

Purchase cialis And I couldn’t do anything with ‘em.

Purchase cialis I’d tried to rent them out, purchase cialis owner finance them, purchase cialis sell them.

Purchase cialis Even left some matches and a gas can on the front of the house hoping someone would take a hint and do me a favor…

Purchase cialis It was a nightmare.

Purchase cialis This was my first ever real “Cash Flow Crunch”

Purchase cialis I could literally feel the pressure mounting as if I was rapidly sinking in quicksand.

Purchase cialis When you’re trying to stay afloat and you’re shelling out payments on 10 empty houses it doesn’t take long for the cash you’ve made to disappear.

Purchase cialis All of the money I had made and accumulated was gone and we’d spent every last dime on these damn houses that were sitting there empty and the debt was starting to mount.

Purchase cialis I was broke and living off credit cards just a few months away from bankruptcy.

Purchase cialis And I was brainstorming with this lady who had just come back from an Internet Conference and had the lamest ideas I’d ever heard..

Purchase cialis She said – “Hey, purchase cialis why don’t you put these up on Ebay?”

Purchase cialis I literally laughed out loud because I though this was the most ridiculous idea I’d ever heard – Sell a house on ebay? – Yeah Right!

Purchase cialis But at this point I literally had nothing to lose…

Purchase cialis So I pulled out one of my trusty credit cards and paid the ebay auction fee – to list a house it was around $150.

Purchase cialis Remember I had already spent my last dime of savings, purchase cialis and I was now living off credit cards.

Purchase cialis I was just hoping for some miracle with this dumb idea…

Purchase cialis To add to the stress, purchase cialis this house that I’m about to list with the dumb ebay idea, purchase cialis – the mortgage payment is 1 week late and the grace period has just passed.
And I had no money to pay it.

Purchase cialis And I’m having a hard time sleeping as the debt is adding up extremely fast…

Purchase cialis What the hell am I suppose to do?

Purchase cialis Watch for tomorrow’s email to see how the Dumb Idea plays out – you’re not going to believe it.

Purchase cialis Again – I love hearing your comments and feedback – let me know if you’ve ever had your back against the wall – hoping and praying for a dumb idea to pan out…
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Chapter 1 – Alone
February 16, purchase cialis 2013

Purchase cialis I was driving on the way home from Atlanta with the missus when I told her my plan.

Purchase cialis “I’m going to quit my job in 90 days so I can buy and sell houses.”

Purchase cialis This was way back in the year 2001 and I had just left a real estate investing conference and had just spent several hundred dollars on some real estate investor courses…

Purchase cialis And she said –
“You’re effin Crazy!”

Purchase cialis She proceeded by saying – “You’re making good money at your job and just do this on the side..”

Purchase cialis She then continued on by saying – “That’s never going to work!”

Purchase cialis And then proceeded to play the “what if game”

Purchase cialis “What if this happens, purchase cialis what if that happens?” All while tears streamed down her face.

Purchase cialis A huge argument broke out and it felt like the longest ride home ever.

Purchase cialis Honestly, purchase cialis I felt so alone and knew that I had my work cut out for me in order to convince her I was doing the right thing…

Purchase cialis I had a strong conviction about what I wanted to do and would do anything to get out of the j-o-b.

Purchase cialis However, purchase cialis no matter what – my wife had no idea what I had to put up with at work.

Purchase cialis The pressures, purchase cialis the quotas, purchase cialis the butt kissing. Purchase cialis

Purchase cialis You know what I mean?

Purchase cialis So I created a plan and really cranked it up buying and selling more houses in a month than most people do in a lifetime.

Purchase cialis Plus I was killing it at work – Together I was making more than I ever had.

Purchase cialis But I knew my job was in jeopardy and even if I wanted to stay my time was extremely limited as the company was in the midst of being bought out.

Purchase cialis It didn’t really matter to me because I was making more with Real Estate part time than with the job.

Purchase cialis Fast forward to day # 88 – I officially turned in my notice and began my life outside of Corporate America.

Purchase cialis I was extremely nervous.

Purchase cialis However I never felt so liberated as I was sick of all the corporate bull sh!t, purchase cialis the butt kissing, purchase cialis wearing slacks and a tie.

Purchase cialis Now, purchase cialis I could wear my favorite pear of jeans and a pair of Nikes.

Purchase cialis I felt I was on top of the world…

Purchase cialis I had money, purchase cialis deals in the pipeline and finally felt I finally had the respect from the love of my life.

Purchase cialis The argument that had taken place on the long ride home months before was forgotten.

Purchase cialis I’d officially proved myself and what I could do.

Purchase cialis Plus, purchase cialis we had just found out the missus was expecting our baby boy – Dawson.

Purchase cialis However, purchase cialis it seemed right when the celebration was beginning, purchase cialis trouble was looking right around the corner and I was about to begin one of
the biggest fights in my life.

Purchase cialis And I’m beginning to think I’d F#%KED up big time.

Purchase cialis Was I finally close to realizing my dreams or taking two steps back?

Purchase cialis Stay tuned for tomorrow’s email Chapter 2 – Going Broke. Purchase cialis In the meantime, purchase cialis have you ever felt like this – like you were fighting against all the odds?

Purchase cialis I would love to hear your comments below..
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Social Network Poster
January 16, purchase cialis 2013

Purchase cialis The other day I came across a Free WordPress plugin in the WordPress Directory that I feel will help you get more traffic by auto posting to social networks.

Purchase cialis At one time, purchase cialis there was several platforms that did this but most have all shut down or went to a paid model. Purchase cialis Anyway – this plugin works and best of all it’s free.

Purchase cialis I made a short video showing how it works below – would love to hear your feedback and test results from using this

Purchase cialis Here’s the link to the Free Social Network Auto Poster –

Purchase cialis http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/

Purchase cialis This will autopost to several platforms including –

Purchase cialis Facebook
Google +
Stumble Upon
and many more.

Purchase cialis Enjoy!
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Obama Email Campaign Proves Email Marketing Still Works
November 29, purchase cialis 2012

Purchase cialis I just read an interesting article regarding the Obama campaign’s email marketing strategy – you can find it here – http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-11-29/the-science-behind-those-obama-campaign-e-mails

Purchase cialis Like the guy or not (I personally voted for Romney), purchase cialis it’s important to study what’s working in other markets and from our competitors, purchase cialis and clearly he had a better campaign strategy than that of the Republican party.

Purchase cialis Now that the election is over – they have revealed some of the strategies regarding their emails and their success revolves around Testing!

Purchase cialis Amelia Showalter, purchase cialis director of digital analytics, purchase cialis says, purchase cialis “We did extensive A-B testing not just on the subject lines and the amount of money we would ask people for, purchase cialis but on the messages themselves and even the formatting.”

Purchase cialis In the article, purchase cialis they claim ugly highlighted links outperformed the pretty graphics and that plugging in some mild swearing also worked wonders.

Purchase cialis She continued to say – “Every time something really ugly won, purchase cialis it would shock me: giant-size fonts for links, purchase cialis plain-text links vs. Purchase cialis pretty ‘Donate’ buttons. Purchase cialis Eventually we got to thinking, purchase cialis ‘How could we make things even less attractive?’ That’s how we arrived at the ugly yellow highlighting on the sections we wanted to draw people’s eye to.”

Purchase cialis The campaign is to be studied as they contributed this to raising the bulk of the $690 million dollars from the online contributions.

Purchase cialis Email marketing is a huge part of our business and if you’re not building a list, purchase cialis then you need to do so by starting today. Purchase cialis It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Purchase cialis Also, purchase cialis I recently published an email marketing strategy to keep more customers that you can find here

Purchase cialis Lastly I encourage you to read the article here.

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Market Samurai Keyword Research
August 6, purchase cialis 2012

Purchase cialis I know – I know – it’s been a while since posting the followup to the keyword research blog post, purchase cialis in my defense I’ve had quite a few things going on which is dealing with building my house..

Purchase cialis I’ll post some pictures for you later on, purchase cialis but needless to say – my pattern has definitely been interrupted.

Purchase cialis Anyway, purchase cialis got the part 2 of our Keyword Research video uploaded for you and here I’m diving deeper into using the SEO Competition tab from Market Samurai.

Purchase cialis If you’ve not watch the first video where I introduce you to Market Samurai, purchase cialis then you really should watch that video here.

Purchase cialis This tool does way more than just keyword research, purchase cialis however that’s what I use it for the most – grabbing tons of keywords and researching out the competition. Purchase cialis This tool is perfect for conducting the necessary due diligence for selecting the right niche before you do anything else.

Purchase cialis As mentioned in the video you can put it to the test with a free trial by going here.

Purchase cialis I’d love to hear your feedback below on the blog and how I may could help you..
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Keyword Research For Selecting The Right Niche
July 3, purchase cialis 2012

Purchase cialis Hey there..

Purchase cialis Today I’m going to share with you one of the most valuable nuggets to your internet marketing business.

Purchase cialis One of the more frequent questions I get revolves around keyword research and selecting the right niche. Purchase cialis Do this wrong and you’re screwed.

Purchase cialis Get it right and you’ll enjoy the traffic that can pay you a huge ROI setting you up with real passive income…

Purchase cialis Even though this is one of the basic fundamentals, purchase cialis I see every day where more and more people are really messing up just by market selection. Purchase cialis And it’s really easy to do…

Purchase cialis Even yours truly has “screwed the pooch” on multiple occasions.

Purchase cialis But these are the top 3 mistakes I see marketers making-

Purchase cialis Going after markets with very low search volume.
Even if you crack the top spot in Google, purchase cialis you’ll make very little due to the fact that there’s so few searches.
Going after markets that are waaayyy too competitive.
These are the markets that have established authority sites and while you still can rank, purchase cialis it’s more of a long term approach.
Going after markets that have little to no money.
These are the markets with freebie seekers that have no intent on buying.

Purchase cialis So, purchase cialis I whipped up a video tutorial on how I go about doing my own keyword research, purchase cialis the tools I use. Purchase cialis So this is the first part and I will upload part 2 in a day or two. Purchase cialis Let me know your comments and questions below –

Purchase cialis Again, purchase cialis I use Market Samurai – it’s the best tool I’ve found on the market

Purchase cialis You can Grab a Free Trial by heading on over to http://www.marketsamuraifreetrial.com

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Camtasia 8 Released
June 27, purchase cialis 2012

Purchase cialis Just saw that Techsmith had released Camtasia 8 and I immediately picked it up.

Purchase cialis If you’re doing any kind of screen capture recording for video marketing, purchase cialis creating tutorials, purchase cialis then Camtasia is the best software on the market. Purchase cialis It’s $299 to buy and right now it’s $99 to upgrade from previous versions. Purchase cialis Also you can test it out with their 30 day fully functional trial. Purchase cialis In all reality, purchase cialis this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Purchase cialis Anyway, purchase cialis I’ve yet to test it but excited to do so because of the faster rendering and smoother videos, purchase cialis plus I can’t wait to test out the new editor with the multiple tracks feature.

Purchase cialis I’ll do my best to crank out a few videos and report back . Purchase cialis Also picked up another toy today but I’ll save that one for another post.

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